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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"Ahoy" Me Mateys !!!!!!

Brush up on yer Gentleman o' fortune talk an' get ready t' sail wi' us an' Captain Freddy aboard the Royal Fortune t' Coconut Isle, arrr in search o' th' treasure.

Hello me heartys..looks like we be all here. Be ye ready t' grab th' map an' begin th' hunt fer th' booty?  

There be a prize fer a matey who can find all th' puzzle pieces along th' way an' put them together t' answer th' questions: 

What be th' name o' th' image an' who made th' card?

We begin here an' follow th' map t' each avast (stop) an' collect th' pieces. Leave a comment at each blog sayin' ye be thar an' when ye get t' th' last avast ye will find ou' what t' do. If ye get lost along th' way come aft here t' be seein' 'ere ye been an' 'ere ye need t' go. One winner will win th' Buccanneer Freddy set an' $5 t' spend at Daisy`s Digi Doodles.
th' booty
+ $5 Gift Certificate

Here be th' list o' me mates an' th' order o' th' clues:

Here be yer first clue ... gather them up an' save them until ye get t' th' end.

Arrr, so ye be ready t` go t' sea ... an` hold on ... ye dasn't be wantin` t` end up in Davy Jones` Locker.   

Your first avast (stop) be at First Mate Calico Jo`s ... wonder what she be up t' ? 


  1. Great hop ladies, just sending my e-mail now!

  2. Thanks for a great hop. Loved everyone's designs. Just sent me e-mail.

  3. Great hop with a lot of fun. Thank you and all the cards are awesome.

  4. Shiver me timbers, I'm off to search for treasure!

  5. I am off to find the treasure left for ME ;) hugs

  6. Just about to go hopping:-) yay! so much fun!