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Friday, 5 November 2010

p...p.....pick a name :)

Penguin needs name, any ideas girls?
Same deal as last time.
Comment HERE and winner gets it :)

You have until Monday to leave suggestions :)

Are you all stocking up on raffle tickets?
The draws will start soon!


  1. Wheee Cool Jumper is my suggestion. He is super cute!!

  2. "Phee-Phee Penguin", I think that's a good and cute name for this stamp.

  3. Bubbles the penguin! I do like Carley's suggestion!

  4. Perski!

    (Percey and Ski) :0) xx

  5. My first thought was Percy (and I see TinaB combined that name with ski to come up with hers). Or how about Penny (who says it can't be a girl) or Petey?