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Monday, 18 February 2013

Challenge #78

Me again :)
I hope you're all ok. I personally have had a terrible 2 weeks :(
My poor cat Billy went missing:( I finally tracked him down to a vet's 12 miles away!
He had been shot!! it was touch and go for a while, but I'm so happy now that he is home and well and trying to escape lol. We have spent all weekend making a cat run for him as there is no way he is going wandering again.

Anyhoo, enough of my waffle, this challenge is 'Anything goes' so let's see those awesome creations :D

I had started one myself, but with the hectic situation it got sidelined....might try to get it up soon.
The girls have done yet more gorgeous projects to help inspire everyone.
Thanks so much girls!!!

Here's  Mandy's card
Floral Frame 4 & Sentiment

Here's Vicky's


2013-02-20 18.56.13

Happy crafting everyone xx


  1. I am so very sorry to hear about your cat. that is just awful... glad to hear he's doing better now.

    1. Hey Miss Scull, where have you been hiding for so long ?
      Good to hear from you

  2. So sorry about your fur baby. How can people be so horrible - I just don't understand it. I'm glad he's doing better, though!

  3. So happy to know Billy was recovered and has recovered. :-D

  4. first entry with you... woo hoo!

  5. Thank you Ladies, Billy has now been signed off from the vet :D He has a 5 inch scar and it has left him with an hernia that we have to keep an eye on but other than that he's fine :D
    Just need to find £400 now for the bill :(

  6. OMG Jules! WHO DOES THAT!!! I have three cats and if anything happened to any one of them I would be hunting the person down with a gun of my own! I hope you reported it to the police, even though they won't do anything at least they will know. First time on your blog, I have become a follower and hopefully will be entering more challenges in the future. Give Gilly a big hug from me and my wife x x x

    1. I did report it Andy, but like you said nothing will get done, Billy is now just another statistic of the evil that people do :(
      Lovely to see new entries, I do hope you're a regular :)
      Hug passed on, thank you (along with a few more lol)